What's New in WizTree?

WizTree Change Log

WizTree 4.19 (5 March 2024)

  • WizTree can now locate duplicate files by Name and Size, or Name, Size and Date.
    WizTree considers file names that have been automatically renamed by Windows as equivalent.
    e.g. "NAME.EXT", "NAME (1).EXT", "NAME (2).EXT", "NAME - COPY.EXT", "NAME - COPY (1).EXT" are equivalent
    Note that WizTree currently doesn't compare the file contents, so take care before deleting files that might not be true duplicates.

    To locate duplicates, select the "File View" then select the duplicate detection method from the "Duplicate Files" drop down box. If any duplicate files are located while scanning, they will be indicated by a "+" symbol next to the file name - click on the plus to expand the list of duplicate files which will be displayed under the original file.

    New "Dup Count" (number of duplicates the file has) and "Dup Size" (total size of all other duplicate files) columns will appear and the list can be sorted by these to quickly locate duplicates. Select the "Duplicates only" checkbox to quickly display only files that have duplicates.
  • A new separate "File Name" column has been added to the "File View" that displays just the file name, excluding the path
  • File view might not have shown all relevant files when "max files" was not set to "ALL" and sorting was not by size - fixed
  • File view sorting is much quicker now
  • Regular expression filters would incorrectly be applied to "entire path" when match by "name only" was selected if the reg expression contained a backslash - fixed
  • Themes are now automatically disabled when WizTree is running as local system account ("SYSTEM") as this would cause some display elements not to render correctly when using remote access tools such as ScreenConnect
  • Stability improvements when scanning network folders and drives

WizTree 4.18 (2 February 2024)

  • "Include" filter is now no longer applied WHILE scanning as this causes files and folders to be filtered out incorrectly - it is now applied after scanning. Only the "Exclude" filter is applied while scanning now.
  • Improved "=folder" filter processing. It's now possible to locate folders of a certain size by using a filter like:
    =folder >1g
    (This finds folders larger than 1 Gig in size)
  • fixed bug in allocated size filtering (file size was used instead of allocated size when filtering by allocated size, e.g. a>100m)
  • Copy/Cut/Delete and other operations now work correctly with multiple files from different folders selected. Previously it would only work if all files were in the same folder.
  • progress bar tweaked to be a little smoother
  • progress was not being updated on screen when loading CSV files - fixed

WizTree 4.17 (22 January 2024)

  • "Include" and "exclude" filters are now applied WHILE scanning non NTFS drives (folders, network shares, mobile phones, etc.) This can greatly speed up scans by prevening certain folders from being scanned at all, and can also greatly reduce memory use. This also works when exporting via the command line.

    Toggle filters on/off by clicking on the filter button under the Scan button, or Options->Filter Scan Results (Ctrl+Shift+F)

    For example, if you use Synology NAS, you can get WizTree to ignore snapshot and recycle folders by setting the "exclude filter" to: #snapshot|#recycle|@recycle
    before starting a scan. Note that there should not be any spaces between the vertical pipes (vertical pipes are interpreted as "OR" and spaces interpreted as "AND"). The example above will exclude any file or folder name that contains "#snapshot" OR "#recycle" OR "@recycle".

    Another example:
    To exclude the "C:\Windows\WinSxS" and "C:\Program Files" folders from being scanned, you would set the exclude filter to C:\Windows\WinSxS\|"C:\Program Files\"
    Note that double quotes are required around filter items that contain spaces.
  • Exploring a folder containing an exe with the same name as the folder would launch the exe instead of opening the folder - fixed
  • WizTree will now automatically remove any spaces between vertical pipes in filter and search fields to ensure they work as expected
  • Slovak, Turkish and Swedish translations updated

WizTree 4.16 (13 November 2023)

  • New "Tweaks" option added to Options menu:
    - Drag/drop can be enabled/disabled
    - Open file on double click can be enabled/disabled
    - File system monitoring can be enabled/disabled (disabling it will prevent WizTree from detecting deleted files and folders)
    - Max modified date diaplayed can toggle between maximum date of all sub folders and files or the last modified date of the folder itself
    - WizTree classic theme can be enabled/disabled. Some users claim the classic theme makes the UI snappier
    - Grid horizontal lines can be enabled/disabled
    - Alternate row colors for grids can be enabled/disabled
    - Gradient colors in treemap can be enabled/disabled
    - Number of decimal places can be set
  • Selecting files now also shows total allocated size of selected, along with total file size
  • Sorted column will now be highlighted
  • Fixed rare issue where WizTree would sometimes incorrectly flag files as deleted when scanning very large drives
  • File and folder icons in tree/file views tweaked to look better when scaled
  • Unicode characters were not being saved to search and filter drop down history correctly - fixed
  • Emojis were not being displayed correctly in file search and filter fields - fixed
  • Tweaked mobile phone scanning code to be more robust. It should now work on phones that failed to scan previously

WizTree 4.15 (14 August 2023)

  • UI tweaked to look like Windows 11 style
  • WizTree can now export/import ".tsv" (tab separated values) files. Simply set the file name extension to ".tsv" when saving to enable this, otherwise it will use a comma to separate the values
  • Some UI elements would be slightly blurry on high DPI screens - fixed
  • Deleted files will now be marked with a red outline in the treemap as they are detected
  • Fixed treemap hover glitch which could happen in certain situations when deleting files
  • Various translations updated

WizTree (6 June 2023)

  • Fixed row height scaling issue with high DPI screens - if you already downloaded 4.14 (5 June 2023) please download again and reinstall. Apologies for any inconvenience.

WizTree 4.14 (5 June 2023)

  • Fixed rare bug that might cause some folders not to be detected by WizTree when parsing MFT file due to unusual MFT record ordering
  • Tree, file and extension views text size can be increased/decreased by using Ctrl+MouseWheel
  • When importing CSV files WizTree will now display the line number containing invalid data that caused the import to fail. Useful for those who create WizTree compatible CSV files
  • Added new "Reset Configuration to default values" function to the File menu. This will set all but the licencing info back to default values. Use this if you notice anything weird happening (like very large or small column widths, font sizes, etc)
  • WizTree will now by default display the maximum "last modified date" for all files and folders within a folder instead of the standard Windows last modified date. This will only apply to new installations or when resetting the configuration. To disable this edit the WizTree3.ini file and change the following setting:
  • WizTree will now default to sorting by "Allocated" space instead of "Size" as this better reflects actual space used by files. Allocated space will now also be displayed on the Treemap by default. This will only apply to new installations or when resetting the configuration
  • Installer has been updated to use the correct configuration file location when being installed to a non "Program Files" location. If WizTree detects it's running from the "Program Files" folder it assumes it's the "installed" version and keeps the config file in the %appdata%\WizTree3 folder, otherwise it will keep the config file in the same folder it's running from. Previously the installer would always assume the config file was in %appdata% folder, which would be incorrect when installing to a non default location.
    This is useful for Enterprise users running automated installs as the "SYSTEM" user as the various config command line parameters will now be applied to the correct configuration file.
    e.g. to do a silent install of WizTree into the "C:\WizTreeApp" folder with no desktop icon, auto configuring it to not run as admin, disable checking for updates, and setting the license key:
    wiztree_4_14_setup.exe /DIR="C:\WizTreeApp" /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP- /MERGETASKS=!desktopicon /runasadmin=false /checkforupdates=false /supportercode=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
  • Installer will now update the registry to make mapped network drives that were created by non elevated processes visible to elevated processes like WizTree. This will require a restart to take effect if not already enabled.

WizTree 4.13 (15 March 2023)

  • Regular Expression search added. To perform a regex search, type in a forward slash followed immediately by the regex, e.g.:
    If the regex contains spaces, enclose it in double quotes, like this:
    /"[0-9]{4} [0-9]{2} [0-9]\.csv$"
    Regular expression searches can be used for file search and include/exclude filters
  • Search history dropdown added to File Search and Include/Exclude filters
  • Include/Exclude Filters can now be applied to entire path (default) or file name only
  • New command line parameter /filterfullpath=[0|1] added to control whether filters are applied to full path or file name only. Default is full path.
    e.g. WizTree64.exe /filterfullpath=0
  • Support for DrivePool, Storage Spaces and other similar "virtual" drives added (WizTree would crash or stop working when scanning these types of drive before)
  • Importing a CSV file would display incorrect file dates/times due to timezone adjustment error - fixed
  • Fixed possible "Access Violation" error on startup when scanning for devices such as mobile phones
  • default sorting can now be set via command line /sortby=sortoption, where sortoption can be
    1 = sort by file size (desc), file name
    2 = sort by allocated size (desc), file name
    3 - sort by modified date (desc)
  • Percent of Drive calculations (File View) were incorrect when multiple drives were selected - fixed
  • WizTree will now remember if tree and file view data is being sorted by size or allocated and use the same sort order when restarted
  • New Indonesian translation added (thanks to Marcellinus Ferdinand Suciadi)

WizTree 4.12 (1 December 2022)

  • Fixed issue with file size filters (e.g. >1g) not handling folders correctly
  • Fixed file filter bug that could cause matching files not to appear in some cases
  • New Czech translation added (thanks to Masterix)

WizTree 4.11 (26 October 2022)

  • "Today" file search filter (=today) was not working correctly in some time zones - fixed
  • Command line parameters for /filter and /filterexclude now support literal double quotes. This is useful when filtering paths containing spaces, to prevent the filter from treating the space as an "AND" operator.

    Use a single quote character to represent the double quote, like this:
    WizTree64.exe /filter="'C:\Program Files\'|'C:\Program Files (x86)\'"
    The example above would set the "include filter" to
    "C:\Program Files\"|"C:\Program Files (x86)\"
    The filter above will match file names containing "C:\Program Files\" OR "C:\Program Files (x86)\"

    Two single quotes in a row will be treated as one literal single quote:
    WizTree64.exe /filter="'C:\Program Files\'|'C:\Program Files (x86)\'|'C:\Bob''s Folder\'"
    This would set the "include filter" to
    "C:\Program Files\"|"C:\Program Files (x86)"|"C:\Bob's Folder\"

    Without the quotes the filtering will not work as expected:
    C:\Program Files\|C:\Program Files (x86)\
    This would match any file names containing "C:\Program" AND ( "Files\" OR "C:\Program" ) AND "Files" AND "(x86)\"

    Previously the way to work around this problem was to replace the spaces with wildcard question marks, like this:
    WizTree64.exe /filter="C:\Program?Files\|C:\Program?Files?(x86)\"

  • WizTree 4.09/4.10 would crash when run as "SYSTEM" user ("NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM") due to some issues with the newly added drag/drop functionality - fixed
  • Fixed some cosmetic issues with Italian translation

WizTree 4.10 (29 August 2022)

  • Treemap would not be rendered correctly when "show free space" option not selected in some cases (such as mapped Google Drives or when scanning a mobile phone) - fixed
  • It is now possible to disable the new drag/drop and double click to open functionality added in 4.09. To do this close WizTree and edit the WizTree3.ini file and change these 2 settings in the [frmWizTreeMain] section:
  • Fixed rare command line export error when using "/exportalldates" parameter
  • Fixed error that would occur when using the "save treemap as png file" option with multiple selections and show free space enabled
  • Korean, Serbian and Polish translations updated

WizTree 4.09 (15 August 2022)

  • Disk free space on treemap will now be displayed separately for each selection when using the "select multiple" option
  • Export functions updated to always format floating point values (like percentages) using a point as currency separator. Previously it used the system locale character which is a comma in some countries. This extra comma would create problems when importing the data into other applications (like spreadsheets)
  • Double clicking a file or folder in the tree or file view will now automatically open it
  • Files/folders can now be dragged out of WizTree and into Windows Explorer windows to copy/move them. Hold Ctrl key while dragging to copy the file, otherwise it will be moved. Dragging will only work when dragged from the file name column. Dragging in other columns will select all files in the selection rectangle.
  • Copy (Ctrl+C)/Cut (Ctrl+X) menu items added to File Menu. Copy path shortcut changed from Ctrl+C to Ctrl+Alt+C
  • Copy Path function will no longer include a trailing carriage return if only one item is selected
  • Drive name now displayed in tree view and treemap
  • Menu accelerator keys were not working in dark mode (fixed)
  • new command line parameter added to select size or allocated space for treemap image export (default is size):
    WizTree64.exe C: /treemapimagefile="C:\temp\cdriveimage_%d.png" /treemapimagewidth=1024 /treemapimageheight=768 /treemapimagefreespace=0 /treemapimageshowallocated=1

WizTree 4.08 (14 February 2022)

  • Added new "Filter Scan Results" option which allows entire scan results to be filtered using a user defined filter.
    Toggle the filter on or off by clicking on the filter icon under the Scan button, or select Options->Filter Scan Results, or press Ctrl+Shift+F
    The "Include Filter" will include only matching files in the results
    The "Exclude Filter" will exclude any matching files from the results
    Click on the "Apply Filter" button (or press Enter after making a filter change) to apply any filter changes made. Files are matched using the entire file path and file name. The filters support all standard file search functionality, such as wild cards, file size, file date etc. See this link for all search options: https://diskanalyzer.com/guide#search
    e.g. To filter only files of type mp3 or wav, larger than 5MB, excluding anything in the C:\Windows folder, you'd enter:
    Include Filter: *.mp3|*.wav >5m
    Exclude Filter: C:\Windows\
  • Wildcard search for file extensions was not working correctly when "match entire path" option was used - fixed
    e.g. searching for *.c would include files including ".c" anywhere in the file name, which would include *.cpp or *.c.bak files too.
  • Total space, space used, space free display fields widened to correctly display very large TB drive values when displaying as Bytes
  • Window position was not being restored to correct position if Windows taskbar was not positioned at bottom of screen - fixed
  • Fixed some dark mode display issues on older versions of Windows (2003, XP)

WizTree 4.07 (6 December 2021)

  • file name search will now ignore character accents (like é and ö) when searching.
    e.g. searching for "melee" will now correctly match file names containing "mêlée" or "MÊLÉE"
  • WizTree was not handling MTP/PTP devices that did not provide a "friendly name" correctly - fixed
  • MFT dump would fail on Windows XP - fixed
  • Removable USB devices formatted with NTFS would not be detected for high speed scanning or allow MFT dump - fixed
  • Checks if Windows Imaging Component is installed before starting up (cannot run without it). This is required for Windows 2003 and possibly some versions of XP

WizTree 4.06 (19 November 2021)

  • File size info will now also be displayed on the treemap (if "show file and names in treemap" option enabled)
  • WizTree will now actually work on older versions of Windows like Windows XP ("fix" in 4.05 was incorrect)
  • treemap image can now be exported via command line. Use the following command line parameters:
    Set image file name (use %d and %t for current date and time in file name):
    /treemapimagefile=<png image file name>
    Set image width (default is 1920 if omitted):
    /treemapimagewidth=<image width (numeric)>
    Set image height (default is 1080 is omitted):
    /treemapimageheight=<image height (numeric)>
    Export image in gray scale. Defaults to 0 if omitted
    Show free space on tree map. Defaults to 1 if omitted
    e.g. To export the entire C: drive to an image file of size 1024x768 without free space included:
    WizTree64.exe C: /treemapimagefile="C:\temp\cdriveimage_%d.png" /treemapimagewidth=1024 /treemapimageheight=768 /treemapimagefreespace=0

    Exporting of the image file can be combined with exporting CSV data as well, e.g.:
    WizTree64.exe C: /export="C:\temp\cdrive_%d_%t.csv" /treemapimagefile="C:\temp\cdrive_%d_%t.png" /treemapimagewidth=1024 /treemapimageheight=768 /treemapimagefreespace=0

WizTree 4.05 (17 November 2021)

  • WizTree 4.04 would display some error messages on PCs without MTP support (e.g. old versions of Windows XP) - fixed
  • Toggling Windows Explorer integration off did not fully remove WizTree from Windows Explorer context menus (bug introduced in 4.04) - fixed
  • Fixed title bar display issues issues with very high DPI screens (maximize/minimize buttons were too small)
  • WizTree installer now supports the following (optional) command line parameters:
    Set the supporter code license on install:
    Set the "always run as admin" setting:
    Set the "check for updates" setting:
    e.g. wiztree_x_xx_setup.exe /supportercode=1234-5678-abcd-1234 /runasadmin=false /checkforupdates=false

WizTree 4.04 (4 November 2021)

  • WizTree can now scan mobile phones, music players, storage devices, cameras and other portable devices that support MTP/PTP (Media Transfer Protocol/Picture Transfer Protocol)
    For example, to scan files on your mobile phone, connect it to your PC using a USB cable. Your phone will then prompt you to select either "file transfer" or "photo transfer" mode. Once you've done this, your phone will appear in WizTree's drop down drive list and can be selected to perform a scan.
  • MTP/PTP device folders may now be selected when using the "select folder" option
  • drawing treemap for multiple large drives may have left status message as "Show Treemap" even after drawing complete - fixed
  • Not (!) operator was not working correctly when followed by quoted search text - fixed
  • some results were not being included when using "?" wildcard and searching entire path - fixed
  • File search box and highlighted text were not handling right to left languages like Arabic correctly - fixed

WizTree 4.03 (22 September 2021)

  • Treemap may have failed to render on some very large hard drives - fixed
  • Zooming in on treemap will now hide "free space" if "show free space on treemap" is enabled
  • A limited context menu will now be available when loading CSV or MFT files from other PCs. Previously no context menu would appear if the file/folder didn't exist on the local PC.

WizTree 4.02 (20 September 2021)

  • Treemap now displays file and folder names for large files and folders.
    Double click on a folder or file in the treemap to "zoom" the treemap into that folder. Use new ".." and "\" buttons on treemap to unzoom one level or to reset the treemap to the root. You can also select "Zoom in Treemap" and "Zoom out treemap" from the file or folder context menu (right click menu)
    File and folder name display can be toggled via "Options->Show File and Folder Names in Treemap"
  • The "explore folder" option will now automatically select the file in Windows explorer if a file was selected
  • New search terms added to file search for files or folders only:
    Type in =folder or =folders in search to display folders only.
    Type in =file or =files in search to display files only.
  • new file length and path length search terms added:
    Use "namelen" and "pathlen" to search by file name length and path length
    e.g. to find files with path length (includes file name) greater than 255:
    to find file names with exactly 1 character:
  • new export command line parameters:
    To export "percent of parent" data, include the parameter:
    To set the maximum folder depth to be exported, include the parameter:
    Where n is the maximum folder depth.
    e.g. to export the root folders and files only:
    A max depth of 0 means unlimited (default)
  • Gradient in treemap can be now disabled by editing the WizTree3.ini file and setting

WizTree 4.01 (21 June 2021)

  • Supporter codes purchased before version 4.00 was released have been automatically converted to "lifetime" licenses and will now work on all future releases of WizTree
  • Some drive types were not displaying total and free space (fixed)
  • Treemap context menu now displays various treemap configuration options (show treemap, show allocated space, show free space)
  • Polish translation updated
  • Turkish translation updated

WizTree 4.00 (10 June 2021)

  • Multiple drives and folders may now be selected and scanned at once (use the "Select multiple" option in the drop down, or press Alt+F3 to select drives and folders)
  • When selecting multiple drives or folders, you can add custom folders to the list by clicking on the "add folder" button. These new user defined folders will also appear in the main drop down selection box for quick access.
  • The file search has been updated to work the way WizFile does. These new search filter options can also be used as filters when calling WizTree from the command line.

    Use operators "=", ">", ">=", "<", "<=" to filter files based on size or modified date. NB: Don't put any spaces between operators and values!
    e.g. to find files less than 100 bytes in size:
    Append a 'k', 'm', 'g', or 't' to the number to search in Kb, Mb, Gb, Tb
    e.g. to find files between 500MB and 1Gb:
    >=500m <=1g
    'kb', 'mb', 'gb', 'tb' can also be used, e.g.:
    >=500mb <=1gb

    To filter by "allocated" size, use "a=", "a>", etc.
    e.g. To find files with allocated size between 100MB and 200MB:
    a>=100m a<=200m
    e.g. to find files with 0 allocated size and greater than zero file size:
    a=0 >0

    To filter by date, specify a date in the format: yyyy/mm/dd
    e.g. Filter files modified before 2020/01/01:

    Use the constant "today" to reference today's date. Optionally add or subtract a number of days from this constant.
    e.g. to find files modified in the last 7 days:

    e.g. to find all files larger than 1gb that were modified in the last month (last 30 days):
    >=1gb >=today-30

    Place the search item in quotes to force a file name search.
    e.g. to find file names that contain "=0" instead of displaying files with zero size:
  • File search speed has been increased
  • Matching text will now be highlighted in the file search results
  • The wiztree web site has moved to from "wiztreefree.com" to "diskanalyzer.com"
  • Licensing has changed. Commercial users will now purchase licenses based on their business size. These licenses will be valid for all versions of WizTree released within one year of purchase. For example, if a user purchases a license on 1 July 2021, it will work with all versions of WizTree that are released before 1 July 2022 (one year from 1 July 2021).

WizTree 3.41 (5 May 2021)

  • Fixed bug introduced in 3.40 that could prevent mapped network drives from being scanned correctly
  • Fixed bug where cluster size may have been incorrect leading to incorrect "allocated size" calculations
  • Fixed bug where right clicking on drive letter would not display context menu
  • Fixed inconsistency with how "percent of parent" was calculated when displaying individual files that had been grouped together within a folder ("x files in folder"). The percentage displayed is now the percentage size of the individual file within the group.

WizTree 3.40 (4 May 2021)

  • Incorrect allocated space value was being displayed for cloud based files (like OneDrive) - fixed
  • Search filter text and number of files drop down on "files" view invisible on some older versions of Windows - fixed
  • updated EULA

WizTree 3.39 (15 April 2021)

  • Launching WizTree with a command line parameter path containing a trailing backslash would cause scanning problems (bug introduced in 3.38, fixed)
  • Chinese (Simplified) translation updated
    Note that many of the WizTree translations are out of date as the original translators are no longer available. If you find that the translation for your language is not correct and you'd like to update it please contact us for details.

WizTree 3.38 (14 April 2021)

  • Clicking on a file in the tree map would sometimes not bring it into view correctly (fixed)
  • Ctrl clicking on files in the tree map now allow selections to be toggled on and off (could not unselect by ctrl clicking a file in the treemap previously)
  • Support for very long file names (>260 characters in total)
  • Scanning of network drives would fail in some cases (e.g. on Parallels desktop for Mac) - fixed
  • Minor cosmetic changes. Label color issue on Windows XP fixed.
  • Updated Turkish translation (thanks to Ferhat MURAT)
    Note that many of the WizTree translations are out of date as the original translators are no longer available. If you find that the translation for your language is not correct and you'd like to update it please contact us.

WizTree 3.37 (23 February 2021)

  • Tweaked tree map display drawing. Will now only display drawing progress when dealing with more than 1,000,000 files as it's quicker to not display any progress.
  • Drive selection box would not work correctly if "display drive letters" option in Windows File Explorer was turned off (fixed)
  • Digital signature verification method changed as previous Windows API method (WinVerifyTrust) would trigger unwanted Internet access if required digital certificates were not already installed on the PC

WizTree 3.36 (16 February 2021)

  • support for Windows 10 "dark mode". Theme can be changed via Options->Colors->UI Theme
  • Rescanning the same drive or folder (by clicking Scan or pressing F5) will now preserve the current state of the tree and file views so folders and files that were visible or selected before the rescan will remain visible and selected if they still exist after the rescan. This makes "refreshing" the view much easier than before.
  • WizTree may have incorrectly decoded some MFT records on very large hard drives which could lead to extremely large allocated size information being displayed for some files (fixed)
  • .mft and .csv files created by WizTree can now be dragged into WizTree to be processed. Note that due to the way Windows implements security, you won't be able to drag files from Windows explorer into WizTree if Windows explorer is running non elevated (non admin rights) and WizTree is running elevated (admin rights). You either have to start up Windows explorer in admin mode, or start WizTree in non admin mode (disable "always run as administartor") for this to work.
  • Allocated size for files compressed using NTFS LZX compression would appear as 0 when scanning folders (fixed)
  • File search filtering sped up significantly
  • support for very high DPI (200%+ scaling)
  • When dealing with extremely large numbers of files WizTree will display a progress bar after scanning when loading tree data and/or drawing the tree map. We recommend turning the tree map off (toggle with F9) when dealing with very large numbers of files as it can take some time to draw a tree map for millions of files.
  • minor UI changes
  • Dutch translation updated (thanks to Jan Verheijen)

WizTree 3.35 (31 August 2020)

  • Fixed bug introduced in 3.34 that might cause WizTree to hang when scanning certain hard drives
  • Fixed integer overflow issue that would cause problems when dumping extremely large MFT files
  • Multi selection on file view did not unselect when Ctrl+Clicking selected item (fixed)
  • debug logging is now possible by using the new command line parameter "/debug=1". This will create log files in the %appdata%\WizTree3\DebugLogs folder. Send these to us if you have any problems.

WizTree 3.34 (29 August 2020)

  • When sorting by allocated size, the percentage of parent calculation will now use allocated size values
  • Improved MFT file scanning method. Should greatly improve scanning speed on drives with very large MFT files.
  • Menu items using non English alphabet will no longer have auto generated shortcuts added to them
  • some minor UI tweaks (file groups now line up properly, percentage display slightly wider, progress bar lagging fixed)
  • WizTree can now be configured to display the maximum "last modified date" for all files and folders within a folder instead of the standard Windows last modified date.
    To do this edit the WizTree3.ini file and change the following setting:
    Default setting is off (0). WizTree3.ini is located in %appdata%\WizTree3\WizTree3.ini (for installed version) or in the same folder as the WizTree exe file for the portable version.
  • Updated translations for Russian (thanks to Dmitry Yerokhin), Japanese (thanks to maboroshin), Korean (thanks to Kim YoungCheon)

WizTree 3.33(14 May 2020)

  • Network and substituted drives that may not have been visible to WizTree when running as administrator will now be selectable. This is a work around for a Windows bug/feature that does not allow elevated applications to access network and substituted drives that were created by a non elevated process. See: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee844140(v=ws.10).aspx
    In such a case WizTree will display the contents of the network drive using the UNC name (e.g. \\servername\sharename) instead of the mapped drive letter. Similarly substituted drives will display the contents of the local folder the drive is mapped to instead of the mapped drive letter.
  • Added option to display values in TB. Values larger than 1024GB will be displayed in TB in dynamic value display mode.
  • /filterexclude would not work unless a /filter was specified (fixed)
  • Folder names will now be matched against the filter specification using a trailing backslash
    (setting a /filterexclude to "C:\windows\" would export the "C:\windows\" folder record incorrectly as it would filter using "C:\windows" instead of "c:\windows\")
  • Files without an extension can now be filtered for by using "*." filter. This did not work previously as the period was not included in the filename used to match against the filter.
  • Importing a CSV file that was exported with folders only ( "/exportfiles=0") will now display total file and folder info correctly
  • Importing a CSV file that did not contain complete folder information could cause file names to become corrupted. This would prevent context menu from working correctly.
  • Importing a CSV file from a network share (e.g. \\servername\sharename) would drop the leading "\\" when importing (fixed)
  • row height can be set in the WizTree3.ini file ("rowheight=xx"). Default is 19. Useful if you've increased the fontheight setting in this file.
  • when sorting by allocated size, the percentage of parent calculation will now use allocated size values

WizTree 3.32 (27 January 2020)

  • Windows Explorer integration was not working correctly with windows desktop and in folder backgrounds (fixed).
    Toggle Windows Explorer integration off and on again if you already had WizTree installed before upgrading to this version to fix the problem.
  • Adding or removing a USB drive will now update the drive list automatically
  • Updated various translation files 

WizTree 3.31 (22 January 2020)

  • Export File Types to CSV file function added.
    use /exportfiletypes=filename command line option to export file type information
  • new command line option /filterexclude works like /filter but excludes any files that match from being exported
  • new command line option to set supporter code (useful for Enterprise users):
    e.g. WizTree.exe /supportercode=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx
    If there's an error setting the code it will be displayed on screen, otherwise nothing is displayed. This only has to be done once per PC.
  • Fixed crash that would occur when scanning a folder with exactly 9 files

WizTree 3.30 (31 October 2019)

  • WizTree "Enterprise License" can now be purchased if you wish to have unlimited use of WizTree within your organisation.
  • Treemap drawing tweaked to make edges more distinct
  • "WizTree" added to internal file context menu (useful when WizTree is not configured to be integrated with Windows Explorer context menu)
  • Clicking clear button on "File" view will place cursor in search box

WizTree 3.29 (15 May 2019)

  • Initialisation may have failed in some rare cases - fixed. (Blank screen with no drives would be selectable at start up)
  • File names containing ampersands (&) will now display properly
  • command line export may have caused a stack overflow error in some rare cases (fixed)
  • new Bulgarian (bg) translation

WizTree 3.28 (4 February 2019)

  • "Match entire path" filter option on files tab was not working (only file name was being searched) - fixed
  • "Invalid argument to date encode" error might have occurred on some hard drives containing invalid file data - fixed
  • updated Norwegian (no) and Swedish (sv) translations

WizTree 3.26 (17 September 2018)

  • Installer and portable versions updated with updated Russian, German and Slovak languages. No changes to application executables.

WizTree 3.26 (6 September 2018)

  • Colors can now be linked to file extensions (configure via Options->Colors, set "Color by" to "Extension")
  • Windows high DPI scaling support improved (fonts would appear far too large on some PCs when 200% or more scaling was enabled) 

WizTree 3.25 (8 July 2018)

  • 64 bit version might have crashed when displaying message dialogs on certain PCs (fixed)

WizTree 3.24 (6 July 2018)

  • WizTree CSV files exported via the "export to CSV" option may now be imported and viewed.
    Select "<CSV File>" in the selection combo box (or press Shift+F3) to select a CSV file to import.
  • Windows 10 high DPI support (WizTree will scale itself correctly on high DPI monitors)
  • Resizing form while treemap active would redraw entire treemap continuously causing slowdown (fixed)
  • Portable version will now use the default Windows language (if supported by WizTree) instead of defaulting to English

WizTree 3.23 (6 June 2018)

  • Export to CSV would duplicate some folders (fixed)
  • Configuration file name was incorrect in portable version (was using WizFile.ini instead of WizTree3.ini)
  • Configuration file name for installed version now set to %appdata%\WizTree3\WizTree3.ini (was using WizFile.ini or WizFile64.ini before)

WizTree 3.22 (18 May 2018)

  • MFT can now be dumped via command line:
    WizTree.exe drive /dumpmftfile=filename
    Use %d and %t in filename for date (YYYYMMDD) and time (HHMMSS)
    e.g. WizTree C: /dumpmftfile="d:\dumps\cdrive%d%t.mft"
  • MFT files now also store the drive letter of the original dumped drive so correct drive letter will be used when loading a previously saved MFT file (instead of 'C'). Must use version 3.22 or newer for this to work.
  • Treemap colors can now be configured (Options->Colors...). Default and Color Blind color presets are available.
  • Empty folders would not appear on the tree view (fixed)

WizTree 3.21 (30 April 2018)

  •  Fixed bug introduced in 3.20 that could cause certain files to appear in the incorrect position in the tree view.

WizTree 3.20 (12 April 2018)

  • fixed memory leak when scanning non NTFS folders
  • Post scanning operations sped up (file list no longer needs to be sorted before loading the tree)
  • Modified date for folders now uses the same date/time as displayed by Windows Explorer (previously it would display the maximum date of all files within it)
  • Italian translation improved
  • New Slovak translation (thanks to Vladimír Kubala)
  • Command line export now allows for MFT record number to be included in the export data file. This can be used as a unique file ID number. Note that the MFT record number is only valid when exporting an NTFS formatted drive and when WizTree is launched with administrator rights.
    Add "/exportmftrecno=1" (without quotes) to the command line

WizTree 3.19 (8 March 2018)

  • It's now possible to select all files with a particular extension by right clicking on the extension in the "File Types" view and clicking "Select". Note that this may take some time if there are many thousands of files.
  • Allocated size figure on "File View" might display incorrect values in some cases (fixed)
  • WizTree would crash after entering supporter code if configuration ini file was not writable (fixed)
  • Treemap was not displaying bottom edge correctly (fixed)

WizTree 3.18 (23 February 2018)

  • Automated export via command line now supported (see details in documentation above)
  • File Search Filter now supports multiple filters/wildcards. Separate each with the | (pipe) symbol. e.g. *.mp3|*.ogg|*.wav
  • File view can now optionally display folders - enable this via the new "Folders" checkbox
  • Removed dependency on URL.DLL which does not exist on some versions of Windows
  • Export function would not export sub-folders if the selected folder contained a file grouping (fixed)
  • New Portuguese (Brazil) translation by Geraldo Souza
  • New Turkish translation by Ismet Cakir
  • New Hungarian translation by niltwill
  • Updated German translation (v3.18 28 Feb 2018)

WizTree 3.17 (7 December 2017)

  • Percent of parent calculation for grouped files ("x files in folder") was incorrect - fixed
  • new Korean translation by 4Li
  • Spanish translation updated
  • Swedish translation updated
  • Japanese translation updated

WizTree 3.16 (24 November 2017)

  • Copy file and size info feature added.
  • File export feature added. See documentation above.
  • new Dutch translation by Imihar Novyak
  • new Swedish translation by Magnus Beutner
  • new German translation by André Heinrich

WizTree 3.15 (19 October 2017)

(Only external translation files have changed in the installer/portable version)
  • German translation by de-heidjer
  • Updated Japanese translation
  • Updated French translation

WizTree 3.15 (18 October 2017)

  • WizTree now associates itself with .MFT files (double click on a .MFT file to open it with WizTree)
  • Windows Explorer integration now uses WizTree icon in context menu
  • "Max files" value was not being saved correctly
  • Number of decimal places used to display sizes can now be configured in the WizTree3.ini file
  • fixed memory leak (memory usage also reduced)

WizTree 3.14 (14 October 2017)

  • High CPU usage while idle bug fixed (was not properly fixed in 3.13)
  • Tree horizontal grid lines and alternate row coloring can be enabled in the WizTree3.ini file

WizTree 3.13 (13 October 2017)

  • Free space can now be displayed on the Tree view (Options -> Show free space on treeview)
  • Treemap image can be saved as a .png file with user specified size and in shades of gray
  • Fixed issue causing high CPU usage while idle after scanning
  • fontsize and rowheight can now be set in the WizTree3.ini file

WizTree 3.12 (3 October 2017)

(Only external translation files have changed in the installer/portable version)
  • New translations are now bundled with installer
    - Chinese (Traditional) translation by cf0132
    - Norwegian translation by John-Alex Berglund
  • Updated Italian language file used by installer

WizTree 3.12 (27 September 2017)

  • Supporter names were not being displayed correctly if they contained Unicode characters (fixed)
  • New translations bundled with the installer:
    - Danish translation by Tobias Dideriksen
    - Italian translation by bovirus

WizTree 3.11 (19 September 2017)

  • Zoom/Unzoom treemap
    Press F10 (or + on numpad) to zoom treemap to currently selected folder
    Press F11 (or - on numpad) to unzoom treemap to parent of currently zoomed treemap folder
  • Portable version no longer enables "Windows Explorer context menu" by default.
    If you enable this option when using WizTree portable then please remember to disable it when you're done with the PC otherwise the WizTree context menu items will remain on the PC even if WizTree portable is no longer accessible.
  • Supporter code might have had to be entered twice on some PCs due to restart happening before config file update complete
  • Treemap might display blank or only appear after a long delay on some PCs (fixed)
  • Treemap generation sped up
  • Allocated Size added to File Type view
  • Option to show allocated size on tree view instead of file size
  • Option to control the auto scanning of drives after making a selection
  • Floppy drives (A: or B:) will not be selected by default if any other drive letters exist
  • New translations are now bundled with the installer:
    - French translation by TMTIsFree
    - Serbian translation by ozzii.translate
    - Japanese translation by donkichirou
    - Spanish translation by Master System PC

WizTree 3.10 (12 September 2017)

  • Visual Treemap (uses cushion treemaps, similar to how WinDirStat does it)
    The visualisation makes it easy to locate large files or folders containing thousands of small files
    Selecting files on the treemap will highlight the file on the tree view and vice versa
  • File Type view (shows file size breakdown by extension)
  • New keyboard shortcuts:
    F3 - Select Folder / drive     
    F4 - Reset tree expanstion (all expanded nodes will be closed and returned to default state)
    F6 (or '/' on NumPad) - Select parent
    F7 (or '*' on NumPad) - Reselect child node (use after 'Select Parent' to reposition on the child node)
    F8 - Show File Types
    F9 - Show Treemap
  • 32 bit version might display an exclamation mark message ('!') on some PCs when running on a 64 bit O/S
  • Windows high contrast mode supported
  • The donate button can now be hidden by making a donation (Pay what you want). You will be emailed a unique "supporter code" after you complete the payment. Click on "File->Enter Supporter Code" or press F12 to enter it and remove the donate button. Your support is appreciated!
  • Currently available 3.10 translations are now bundled with the installer
    - Chinese (Simplified) by th_sjy
    - Polish by Barnaba
    - Russian by Dmitry Yerokhin
    - Ukrainian by kopejkin

WizTree 3.00 (31 August 2017)

  • 64 bit version now available. The 64 bit version can work with extremely large MFT files.
  • "Allocated Size" now displayed for each file/directory. This is the amount of actual disk space used by the file including any additional named data streams attached to the file.
  • NTFS "Hard Links" now supported. A hard link is an identical copy of an existing file where the file contents use the same area on the disk for storage (to save space). If WizTree detects a hard link the allocated file size will be displayed in parentheses in gray text. Hard linked files sizes are only added once when calculating "Allocated Size" totals and sub totals. This will give a 100% accurate total of the actual disk space used by folders that contain many hard linked files (such as C:\Windows\System32 and C:\Windows\WinSxS)
    (Note that hard links can only be detected on NTFS drives when WizTree is running with admin rights)
  • A selected file count and total size appears in the status bar
  • Hover over any file to have the full name displayed in the status bar
  • MFT dump now appends volume information (bytes per cluster, sector, MFT record etc) to the end of the MFT file data. WizTree now reads this information from the MFT file if it's available instead of making any assumptions which if wrong would lead to incorrect MFT parsing.
  • Background file monitoring for deleted files now uses a different more robust method. If WizTree detects that a file or directory has been deleted it will put a red line through it and remove it from the totals.
  • File view filtering is now even faster than before
  • Fixed some UI glitches when selecting files via keyboard on the File view
  • WizTree can now handle drives containing highly fragmented MFT files
  • MFT processing has been optimised so WizTree is even faster than it was before!
  • Full translation support added. Click here to find out how to add a translation.

WizTree 2.01 (3 June 2016)

  • WizTree would constantly restart itself on some PCs due to administrator rights issues (fixed) 

WizTree 2.00 (2 June 2016)

  • Now supports all drive types (not just NTFS drives)
  • Individual folders can now be scanned ("Select Directory")
  • Windows Explorer integration
  • File search feature added
  • Can now be run without administrator access if required (fast NTFS scanning will not be available)

WizTree 1.07 (17 Sep 2013)

  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect file sizes to be extracted from the MFT on some PCs.

WizTree 1.06 (16 Aug 2013)

  • Context menu would not appear when selecting directories exactly 3 characters in length in the root folder

WizTree 1.05 (8 Feb 2013)

  • fixed possible access violation when processing certain MFT files
  • memory usage decreased by 10%

WizTree 1.04 (4 Dec 2012)

  • Memory usage decreased by about 40%
  • Folder sizes now updated in real time as files are deleted
  • Can now cancel scan in progress
  • File deletion detection improved
  • Processing speed increased for very large MFT files
  • Improved error handling

WizTree 1.03 (1 Dec 2012)

  • Fix possible hang while processing on some PCs

WizTree 1.02 (30 Nov 2012)

  •  Fix for possible access violation when using the new Windows explorer shell context menu

WizTree 1.01 (30 Nov 2012)

  • Right clicking tree and files now also shows Windows explorer context menu items. (This can be disabled via Options->Windows Explorer context menu)
  • Delete functions now use standard windows dialogs
  • Files or folders deleted using another application (e.g. Windows explorer) will be detected and displayed as deleted in the tree and file view
  • 'Invalid record pos' error caused by highly fragmented MFT files fixed
  • Right clicking on top 1000 file list would not always select file being clicked on (fixed)

WizTree 1.00 (23 Nov 2012)

  • Initial release